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Yes Goat Barista Stash Wax


Barista Stash Wax has a rich layered scent that evolves as the day goes by. You'll first arrive at a very fresh and invigorating minty scent that is a pleasant welcome to the start of any day. Next stop is your favourite coffee shop with all the aromas you would imagine it to be. And finally your're left with the rich yet subtle aroma of afternoon coffee and cake, that will get you through to that next espresso!

Created on the same platform as our own Barista Beard Oil, this wax will not disappoint. Hand crafted using only natural ingredients ensures maximum quality to feed your ever growing stash!

To apply, simply remove a small amount of wax using the back of your thumbnail and gently massage using both your forefinger and thumb. This warms the wax creating an even consistency, and now let the fun begin. Apply to your moustache in an smooth motion, sweeping outwards and upwards then simply style to your liking.

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